Planning Requirements for a Granny Annexes

Most people are entitled to a mobile home in the garden; it is the use of the structure that requires planning permission. Contact your local council for full information.

Our mobile log cabins are classified under Planning Law as ‘caravans’ and therefore, in most cases, Planning Permission to site one in your garden is not required. For this to be the case, certain criteria need to be met (see below).

The cabin cannot be permanently occupied without consent from the planners.
The cabin must be connected to the main dwelling by the services.
The cabin must be in the garden of the house (i.e. not the field next door).
The cabin must be behind the building line of the main house.
The cabin may not have its own address.
The cabin must conform to the definition of a mobile home.
The occupants of the cabin must be relatives of the occupants of the main house.

If you cannot meet the above criteria then you have the alternative of applying for a ‘Certificate of Lawfulness’ or a ‘Section 106’. Please contact the Sales Department to discuss your specific requirements.